New entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, coaches, tune into this week's episode to hear founder of Lady Boss Blogger, Elaine Rau strategies on taking your vision to the next level! When you're creating a mission that is all your own, take creativity and further develop your strategy with this episode. In this episode, Elaine shares her story of how she began her blog and how she was able to grow her following to over 150,000 followers within 2 years. Elaine Rau developed her blog as an outlet after moving to Honduras due to life circumstances and changes. She was able to embark on a new venture not even having an idea of what it would turn into in 2 years' time. Hear more of her great story, her entrepreneurship advice and her own process of self-discovery. She shares her strategies on mindset, accountability, strategic planning, and exponential growth. Get motivated, inspired and begin to add new strategies to your daily business routine.

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