Deidre Sirianni is a speaker,  author to be, and women’s empowerment business coach who believes the foundation of everything comes down to living in alignment with your purpose. After spending two decades living and building a life that wasn’t her own, she began asking herself the question “Is this it?” which made her contemplate the purpose of her life and pushed her to leave the life she had built behind. Through her journey of depression, anxiety, and past trauma, she discovered that in order to find who you are first you have to let go of everything that doesn’t belong. Today she helps people discover their unique voice, become in alignment with their truth, and own it unapologetically in their life and business. Her work is a blend of empowerment, strategy, mindset, and soul work for a holistic approach to life and business.

Deidre’s work is to empower others to become who they truly are, remove the veils, and build a life and business that will leave a positive impact on the world. People who know and work with Deidre describe her as powerful, intense, compassionate, bold, hilarious, and a sprinkle of magic!  She will make you laugh, cry, and force you to ask yourself deeper questions that push you to grow.

With so many factors to consider being able to actually do what you love in life, it starts with owning your truth. In this episode, Deidre walks us through some of these factors and what owning your truth can bring you and the level of freedom that comes along with it.

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