Sharing her perspective on the exchange of masculine and feminine power and eliminating control. Dr. Renee goes in-depth to actually using it in a way to create balance in your life and in the connections you share with others and the world.  It is assessed as the root of power/ control, pride, chaos, and drama. Understanding this exchange as it supports you to better understand yourself and your perception. We discuss development and how this is developed over time and throughout your upbringing. We explore decoding of what is already ingrained and what you can do to create a different perspective and new acceptance into your life. Engage in this talk and discover why it is essential to parent yourself, self regulate and why you should always choose growth. To create a new ideal life you must first allow new to enter your life, self-exploration, and self-mastery. Start with this episode and begin to look at how you can create positive change in your world with first exploring within.

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